Change is in the Air

As the old saying goes, nothing stays the same. As for me, another page will soon be turning in my professional career. I’ve decided to move on from my current role to pursue another opportunity that has come my way. The IT landscape is changing fast and new skill sets are being formed rapidly. I’ve […]

Virtualization Field Day 3 Fast Approaching

Coming up on March 5th through the 7th is the infamous Tech Field Day event – Virtualization Field Day 3! This event will be held in San Jose, California and will feature a number of great presenters in the virtualization space (as well as storage) which is fast becoming an integral part of the ecosystem […]

Storage Field Day 4 – Overland Storage Preview

I was doing some preliminary research on this company that we will see this week during Storage Field Day 4 and have a few items to cover prior. They have a scale out strategy with their SnapScale NAS solution that has its own operating system called “RAINcloud OS”. The interesting thing about this product is […]