Multiple vCPU Fault Tolerance on vSphere 6.0

It’s been a long wait, but it is finally over. The official support for multiple vCPU’s on a guest have been increased for VMware’s Fault Tolerance (FT). This feature, provides zero downtime, zero data loss and continuous availability for any application. A little background on the history of FT with VMware. They officially introduced this […]

Understanding COW.MaxHeapSizeMB

One of the funniest named advanced settings in ESX is the COW.COWMaxHeapSizeMB. This setting that is done on a per host basis and only 20% (on avg) is set aside for internal data structure. The root entries are the primary occupant of memory and consume 75% of it. The default size is 192 MB as […]

Shellshock / BASH VMware Patches

I’m sure everyone is aware of yet another vulnerability that was discovered just the other week and this time it is targeted at the BASH shell that is on almost every unix system. As this pertains to our VMware environments, there is the good, the bad and the ugly. The Good: Ever since VMware went […]