Virtualization Field Day 2 – Symantec Visit

We had two main presenters for this session. George Winter, a Technical Product Manager in the Information Management Group at Symantec in Mountain View, CA and Gareth Fraser-King was also there who is in the Global Technical Field Enablement division in the the United Kingdom. Both speakers and had a deep understanding of the product […]

HP Tech Day 2012

The other week (Jan 26th and 27th to be specific) I made a trip out to the HP Research facility in Ft. Collins Colorado to get a first-hand look at HP’s storage offerings and took a tour of their research datacenter there. In attendance were 10 other bloggers and industry¬†analysts, some that I’ve talked to […]

Storage I/O Control (SIOC) and the VMware Disk Scheduler

There are a number of fundamentals that are pertinent to discuss when looking at how VMware SIOC really works. The fact that it automatically throttles I/O based on load is a great feature in itself, but what really triggers this event and what mechanisms comprise this feature? In the storage world, there is one enemy […]