VMware vExpert 2014 Award

The vExpert program is for those individuals that go above an beyond their daily jobs to help the community by┬ámaking contributions in several key areas. These include being an evangelist, customer contributions or through the VMware Partner Network. The one area that many fall under is the evangelist path that includes many bloggers that spend […]

Platform as a Service will change the IT Landscape

There are more and more signs that “as-a-service” offerings will be the “norm” in the next few years, and there is a fundamental shift taking place on the software development front that is embracing this delivery model and it picking up some major weight behind it. There are two major players in the Platform as […]

vExpert 2013

I just found out today that I was awarded the prestigious vExpert award! I am honored once again to be recognized by VMware as an expert in the virtualization community and will continue to provide a service to the community that I have become so attached to over the last 9 years. I’ve been in […]