Platform as a Service will change the IT Landscape

There are more and more signs that “as-a-service” offerings will be the “norm” in the next few years, and there is a fundamental shift taking place on the software development front that is embracing this delivery model and it picking up some major weight behind it. There are two major players in the Platform as […]

Next-Generation Storage Symposium Recap

I got the chance to attend the Next-Generation Storage Symposium in San Jose yesterday that is organized by Tech Field Day and hosted by Steven Foskett. There were a number of vendors that spoke at the event and if I could put a theme on this event it would be centric around flash based storage. […]

FreeNAS Storage Setup for the Home VMware Lab

There are a few options out there for the home lab, but over the years I’ve tried many and default to FreeNAS due to its low overhead for resources and fast setup. This walk-though is based on build 8.2.0 and is a step by step process to get your NAS array up and running in […]