CloudPhysics Review

March 5th 2014 at Virtualization Field Day 3 This is one company that I’ve been anxious to meet for a while now and I am really glad that I got a chance to at Virtualization Field Day 3. They have a very unique offering to companies in that they provide collective intelligence for IT data […]

Treating your Virtual Infrastructure like a Physical Datacenter

Many companies have very strict rules on who can enter the datacenter and your VMware infrastructure should not be any different! Sure there are various levels of access in datacenters, I’ve been in quite a few and I sleep better at night knowing that the necessary precautions are taken to  secure these facilities. Jason Boche […]

Xangati at VMworld 2011

I had a chance to stop by and talk to a few folks at the Xangati booth at VMworld and was particularly interested in their ability to “replay” past events in a ‘DVR’ type fashion for quick analysis of problematic areas. This is done with their Management Dashboards product line (XMD), which has two parts to it: […]